Not many understand the huge part that a DJ plays at an event.  If the music isn't good the guest are not happy, which makes the host unhappy.  When Boogeyman Entertainment is there to DJ we keep people entertained and on the dance floor! We do more than just play music, we entertain!  We can also MC your event if you want at no additional charge.  We have many additional items that can be offered along with this service including dance floor lighting, fog, dry ice, games, and photo booth that really make your event a unforgettable one.



Nowadays most people have a camera.  They're on phones, tablets, pocket sized, and more.  What makes us different is for one, we have the best equipment that most people don't, as well as years of experiencing editing and providing prints for your event. And secondly, when providing professional photo selections that the average person would not be looking at. We never miss a moment when taking photos.  Allow us to show you true professionalism. 



Videos can be created to tell a story, deliver a message and can even be used as a great marketing tool.  We are able to work with your budget to make sure your event is captured from every angle, using the highest quality equipment.  We also provide DVD production, including full menu interactive display for all productions. We also do commercial projects including documentaries, interviews, short films, commercials, and more! We've just added drones as well to provide outstanding video footage from above!



Lighting can make a huge difference in the appearance of a room. We have several packages to meet your needs including uplighting, table pinspots, dance floor, custom monograms, spotlights, and more.  We can do accent lighting or full room packages. All lights have the capability of changing color to match whatever theme you have in place. 


Visual displays are a great way to enhance your event.  A lot of people like to compose a video or slideshow presentation at graduations, weddings, and even corporate events.  Guest are thus reminded of why they are in attendance.  We have projectors and/or tv screen setups available for use.  


Everybody loves to take pictures at an event.  Allow us to show you a fun yet professional way to take those pictures at our photo booth.  We have several packages available to meet your needs. Our photo booths comes with props and printed on site photos.  The printed photos are a great memorabilia for your guest to remember your event for years to come.



Sometimes a DJ is not needed but a good PA system is all that needed so everyone can hear what is said. This is usually needed at more corporate events or even at wedding ceremony's as well.  Let us know how we can setup our PA system for your needs.


Turn your evening into a Karaoke Night with our Karaoke setup.  Includes mics and visual screen for the lyrics.  Everyone always enjoys getting up and singing their favorite songs. Allow us to help you out!


Corporate meetings and events are a great way to network, learn, and show appreciation for those within a business.  When it comes to these meetings we remember how important it is for things to look professional as well as run professional as well.  Call us now to see what we can offer for your next meeting or event.