What is Boogeyman Entertainment?



Boogeyman Entertainment, under the leadership of

Derrick Mccraw Jr and also known as DJ Boogeyman was first started as only a DJ service. With years of experince traveling in different places of the United States he built a strong network. That consisted of professional and dedicated individuals similar to himself, to form a group that could provide high quality services for any event.  Through the years and while working with those in the event servicing buisness, he has also been able to add other services for events.   As his good repution continues to grow he has has expanded Boogeyman Entertainment,  with a wonderful new feature,  "B.E. Studios".  B.E. Studios is a new and growing aspect of Boogeyman Entertainment taking on photography and video services for more than just events but other projects as well. Boogeyman Entertainment services mainly the Hampton Roads area in Virginia, but our services can reach all around the world!